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We specialize in manufacturing and customizing a wide range of rotomolded cooler boxes, tool boxes, and other rotational molding products.
With 3 rotational molding machines, 1 PU foaming machine, and a team of around 30 skilled workers, we have an annual production capacity of up to 250,000 rotomolded coolers. Our products are primarily exported to developed nations such as USA, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and so on.
We welcome custom orders for a variety of rotational products.
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Expanding Horizons: Welcoming Australian Visitors to China with Visa-Free Travel
The recent announcement on June 17th by China to unilaterally include Australia in its visa-free country list has opened up a world of opportunities for Australian travelers eager to explore the wonders of China.
Must-Read:How to brand to my rotomolded cooler?
Many customers have a keen interest in branding their rotomolded ice chest cooler box effectively. Let me introduce these ways in detail. We will keep you updated, so stay tuned.
Boright(Hengli) 2024 Exhibitions plan for outdoor camping coolers
If you are intereted in our rotomolded ice chest cooler box and you are going to to attend camping or outdoor fair or show or exhibitions,Please have a look our Exhibitions plans,we can meet at exhibitions to talk face to face, you will understand more of our ice coolers.
Comparison of Rotomolded and Blow-Molded Coolers
Rotational molding, or rotomolding, is a manufacturing technique used for creating hollow plastic products.
Customized Rotational Products Cases
  • Rotomolded PE floater marine buoys
    09, Jun 2024
    The rotomolded PE floater is a robust and reliable flotation device made through rotational molding with high-quality polyethylene. This durable floater is designed to withstand harsh conditions and provide buoyancy support for various applications, such as marine and aquatic projects. Trust the rotomolded PE floater for its sturdy construction and functional excellence in water-based operations.
    Rotomolded PE floater marine buoys
  • Rotomolded diesel fuel tank
    09, Jun 2024
    Boright customized rotomolded fuel tanks ensure reliability and strength, perfect for a range of vehicles and equipment. Trust in our roto molded fuel tanks for safe and efficient fuel storage solutions.
    Rotomolded diesel fuel tank
  • Cat bed made with the rotational molding proces
    09, Jun 2024
    A cat bed crafted using the rotational molding process offers a durable and stylish sanctuary for your feline companion. This innovative manufacturing technique ensures a sturdy and well-designed cat house, providing your pet with a cozy and comfortable space to rest and relax. The rotomolded cat bed combines practicality with modern aesthetics, creating a perfect retreat for your beloved cat.
    Cat bed made with the rotational molding proces
  • Cold chain transport box designed for China Railway
    08, Jun 2024
    The Cold Chain transport box designed for China Railway offers a reliable solution for transporting temperature-sensitive goods across long distances. With its robust construction and advanced insulation technology, this transport box ensures that perishable items such as food, pharmaceuticals, and other sensitive products maintain their required temperature throughout the journey. Equipped to meet the stringent requirements of the railway system, this cold chain transport box provides a seamless and efficient logistics solution for maintaining the integrity of goods in transit.
    Cold chain transport box designed for China Railway
  • Rotomolded feed trough for cattle customized
    08, Jun 2024
    Enhance your farming operations with our range of livestock feeding solutions, including cow feeder troughs and feed troughs designed specifically for cattle. Explore our durable and versatile feeder troughs for cows, along with options like galvanized cattle water troughs and plastic cattle feed troughs. Customized to your specifications using rotomolding technology, our products ensure optimal feeding for your livestock.
    Rotomolded feed trough for cattle customized
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